Threaded 5cm diameter baskets (pair)


Instead of the standard/general-use 4cm diameter Baskets which come with the Pacerpoles – there is an advantage of using the 5cm Baskets if going over rough “yomping” terrain and heading-off cross-country eg over moorland – especially if wet. Their wider diameter reduces sinkage, and the dome shape eases retrieval through vegetation. They are a third heavier than the 4cm baskets, so more robust – but also more ‘weighting’ at the end of the shaft is a downside if just walking over open trails, when the 4cm baskets are fine. The 5cm Baskets can be used in snow but the snow tends to “ball-up” underneath after awhile – so therefore only suitable if expecting just patchy snow. When in full snow conditions then the wider 9cm diameter Baskets should be used to minimise sinkage and offer improved purchase.

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