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What is a Trekking pole?  A name coined by the Ski industry around the early 1990’s, for a Ski-pole with a sectional shaft – and a suspended ski-pole-strap ill-suited for our Walking needs and is a potential source of discomfort.
What is a Pacerpole? They are science based, and unique; designed from first principles analysing the functional anatomy and bio mechanics of our “Walking” gait. They are handed and don’t need a strap – just a relaxed hand within the handles contours to control our arm’s “stride-lever” action (similar to “contoured footbeds” controlling our leg’s stride for improved performance).
On the 18th November last year, 2 pairs of Pacerpoles completed a Yoyo Appalachian Trail, over 4,600 miles in 7 months, with 30mile days! An epic in maximising potential whether walking on Trails ….. or on pavements “My Pacerpoles are great. I’ve extolled their virtues to many people, over and again (RainDance and Chimp). I’m now walking tall in my old age (92), and my arthritic back and hands appreciate the difference every step I take”. (Sybil)
Heather Rhodes

Research Physiotherapist and inventor of Pacerpole.



Please Note “PACERPOLE TOPS” are a means of accessing the benefits of Pacerpole use by converting a pair of conventional poles into Pacerpoles. The unique part of a Pacerpole is its top shaft section – with its handed uniquely contoured handle to control the 3-D motion of the arm’s leverage/stride. “Pacerpole Tops” end in a Lever-locking mechanism which can lock-onto “a lower shaft of your own choice” (from a pair of conventional poles, having either Twist-Lock, or Lever-Lock locking mechanisms) which can be in Alloy or in Carbon fibre.
If you are wanting to check the measurements of a pair of conventional poles which you are considering converting into Pacerpoles – then if you wrap a piece of string around the Top shaft section of your conventional pole to get the circumference – and if it is 6cm or over then an “18mm diam Pacerpole Tops” would be needed – and if over 5cm then the “16mm diam Pacerpole Tops”.


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