Camera Mount


The Pacerpole Camera Mount turns either a Left or a Right Pacerpole into a monopod (suitable for Pacerpoles produced after October 2005). The insert hole ends in a chisel shape; when the end of the camera mount locates this slot it can’t rotate. The camera mount is a moulded plastic unit with a stainless steel whitworth thread and high grade alloy knurled nut. It weighs approx 18gms and comes with a mesh storage bag.

Not suitable for larger DSLRs / long lenses.

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To Use

  1. Lever-out the top plug with a strong thumb nail (or equivalent). This will ease after several uses.
  2. Use a direct push-in or pull-out action without twisting.
  3. It is a firm fit – try moistening (preferably a smear of Vaseline) to make initial insertions easier.